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New York to Shanghai
Billy the Artist

Exhibition Dates: Dec 1st, 2012- Jan 20th, 2013
We are excited to announce our current gallery installation of recent paintings by BTA. The exhibition features numerous works from his “Shanghai Period” which were inspired by his many adventures in China. BTA's "Urban Primitive Pop" (UPP) style successfully bridges the fine and commercial art worlds and strives to continue that with his recently released product line of clothing and home accessories.
“Create your own reality” is the mantra that BTA lives by and the reality he has indeed created is one that has successfully spanned the globe. Armed with his energetic UPP style, BTA is able to capture the vibe of the city through a language of symbols and color. His use of intricate line work paired with a kaleidoscope of inter-locking images aims to celebrate the diversity and joy of the human spirit.
BTA has exhibited his art extensively in all corners of the world: Madrid, Shanghai, Berlin, Athens, Zurich, Curacao, and in Venice, where he painted live in front of 30,000 spectators gathered in Piazza San Marco! Major corporate collections include Swatch, IBM, Microsoft, MTV, Suzuki Motor Corp, Ducati, Gibson Guitars, SONY Music. Finally, BTA was the featured artist of the Dorian Grey Gallery’s booth at Art Basel / SCOPE art fair in Miami 2012 where he enjoyed tremendous success with collectors from all over the world! Please join Dorian Grey Gallery and BTA on December 14, 2012 from 6-9 PM for the opening of “New York to Shangai”. The show will be on view from December 1st- January 6th.
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