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A Bronx Native, SinXero's (SX) artistic style utilizes raw imagery and a palette of colors upon layers of mixed media in retrospect to the early 80s, when NYC's billboards and posters were being put up, torn down and a graffiti writer's canvas. With his artistic weapons of choice (SX) pays an "Ode To The Streets," by capturing an authentic period golden to the Hip Hop era as he produces urban landscapes & textures reminiscent to the front of old school bodegas, handball courts and NYC streets, as well as, bombed MTA trains. A true visionary, SinXero informs, enlightens & educates the public about personal and social issues that are taking place in the world and in our community today.
With SX's camera lens, passers by are often captured and brought into his digital realm and transformed into thought provoking caricatures, which at times become subjects upon the canvas that tell a story of intrigue. The backstory of SinXero's paintings spring to life through his signature touch fueled with emotion, depicting the subconscious scratching at the surface seeking to escape and moments in time that often fleet through our fingertips. SinXero has collaborated with Legendary ICONS such as Blek Le Rat, Henry Chalfant, The Black Panthers, Stephen Shames and Joe Conzo (Charlie Chase), as well as Ricky Flores.
Here are their endorsements:
Sinxero is simply an outstanding artist, highly productive and intriguing with a lot of charisma and talent.
Blek Le Rat, Legendary Stencil Art Pioneer

"In a sort of collaborative project that spans three decades, SinXero is painting canvases based on my vintage Hip Hop photos from the early eighties. Using Acrylic and Aerosol paints, hand cut stencils and wheat paste the project is called "ChalSin" and the paintings are fresh!"
Henry Chalfant, Legendary Photographer, Producer, "Style Wars."
"I feel its an honor to have someone with the talent and passion that SinXero possesses, to take the time to immortalize a special moment in Hip hop history.”
Charlie Chase (Cold Crush Brothers), Artist
"The contemporary creative manifestations of Street Artist SinXero (SX) is very fascinating, beautiful and powerfully expressed. It excites an inner dialogue with me the observer."
Emory Douglas - Activist Artist
(Former Revolutionary Artist & Minister Culture for The Black Panther Party, 1967-1980)
"SinXero's Boogie Down Bronx paintings transform images of the urban landscape into symbols of community history. His work recalls a proud past and argues for a better future. He is a collagist who manipulates time and place to bring a rebellious energy to contemporary art.."
Jerry Kearns - Artist
SinXero's roots can be traced back to the Boogie Down Bronx. His artistic talents were developed at Art & Design H. S. and NYC college of Technology, where his areas of concentration were under Advertising & Communication Design and Graphic Design, as well as, Web Design. (SX) also holds a degree in Writing & Literature. Currently, SinXero (SX) is a Fine Grafstract Artist, Designer & Independent Curator. Based in The Bronx, (SX) is the Founder & Creative Director of “The Art of Grafstract (TAG).” Endorsed by 5Ptz, TAG specializes in maximizing the exposure of artists it represents by showcasing their Fine Upscale Urban Art in gallery, non-gallery spaces and urban communities that embrace TAG’s concept of live art productions for installation in legal public spaces.


Andrés Correa

Andrés Correa was born February 27, 1975, Toronto, Canada. The eldest son of three children. His family immigrated to Canada from Colombia in the early 1970’s. His father Hugo and mother Leonor had cultivated tastes, devoted to poetry, music and art. They encouraged Andrés artistic inclinations at an early age. He began his studies with Ontario College of Art (OCAD) and The Toronto School of Art, where he received a scholarship and graduated. Andrés furthered his classical art education at The Art Students League of New York. Andrés often calls New York his second home. When not in school, Andrés actively painted at countless local YMCA’s, food banks and charities. Viewed strange and unconventional at the time, Andrés arrived at art class and local events with various objects to paint on. Common amongst artists, unable to afford basic materials living on his own, Andrés basically grabbed any flat object he could carry off the streets of Toronto. “Old doors, frames, chairs, cardboard helped me practice my painting techniques on different mediums as oppose to a traditional canvas.”
From the mid 1990’s, Andrés branched out into the underground scene at clubs and bars all over the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, (Canada) to Manhattan, Brooklyn, (New York).
“Many of my friends are DJ’s. They would get a gig, they spun and I painted, pretty simple. It was a way to survive. This was a way advertise at the food banks and get exposure for the work I made in the studio on my own time...” Andrés
Andrés continues to exhibit and do live paintings at private galas, charity events, food banks, hospitals, YMCA’s in Canada and the United States.
“I thank all my teachers, friends, parents and most of all my lovely wife and kids who have been by my side every step of the way. I just try to focus and apply all that I have learned over the years about tone, colour, line, perspective...” Andrés
Like many artists, Andrés has overcome obstacles. One outstanding personal achievement is coping with dyslexia. This does not deter him from his dream or passion for art. This Canadian Colombian’s narrative paintings are found around the world, each showing different periods of style that change with the times. His breadth of styles allows him to stay fresh and project his exact feelings as they relate to everyone.
“The emotion that Andrés portrays in his artwork is mirrored by the struggles, the pain and the beauty in our society. His style evolves with the times. Powerful sense of line and the vibrant use of tasteful colour create a magnetic vibe.” Flavio (Curator)
“It’s beautiful we speak many languages but being a visual artist helps to break barriers in understanding each other without words. I try to reflect on what is happening around me, whether it be how I feel or what I see. Applying elements of art, I try to fuse everything I’ve learned from my own ideas, experiences, education as well as past and contemporary artists, musicians, scientists, writers etc. From that I pick and choose ideas to form the images I come up with.” Andrés Correa
Written by Chad Chin


Will Power

Will Power is a natural artist with a real talent for all things visual. A self taught Contemporary Artist, yet he defies category. His art stems from a strong influence of Graffiti, The Hip Hop Culture, and his passion for The Arts of the Great Renaissance Masters. He utilizes techniques of graffiti and street artists such as spray paint and stencils, yet he is equally comfortable with paintbrushes and a fine arts approach. He fuses Hip Hop Themes with religious iconography found in Renaissance paintings ultimately creating a new urban art style which he call "Street Hop Renaissance". He is also a part of a movement of New York Artists deeming the movement "Grafstract Expressionism".
For the past year he has been rubbing elbows with many highly respected writers from the New York City graffiti movement. REE MTA has taken Power under his wing—teaching him traditional graffiti techniques. Though he is not a writer in the traditional sense, the Ex Vandals (the 1st graffiti group ever formed in 1971 called the “EXPERIENCED VANDALS’ or the “EX-VANDALS”. Who have recently begun inducting new members) recognized his talent and he has joined their ranks.
He showcases with most of New York's prolific artists and showcases in some of New York Premier Galleries. Today Will Power continues to exhibit his work, and is becoming a well respected next generation of New York Artists.


Kool Kito

Alex Gerpe, aka Kool Kito, grew up in the Vanderveer projects in Brooklyn in the 1970s. Graffiti surrounded the projects and as a young kid Alex wanted to be part of the movement.He and his partners El Santo, Hans 1, and Slim 1 began working all over the city. Because of their unique writing style they were recruited and Kool Kito became one of the youngest members of the Ex-Vandals; a graffiti writing group that dominated the walls, trucks, buses and trains of New York City.


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