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Both Megan Greene and Edwina White make intimate drawings and collages on found and vintage paper.

Megan Greene
subverts and recontextualizes traditional Audubon bird prints, having long incorporated naturalist studies and images of flora and fauna in her work. In these intricate hybridizations she explores shifts between the found vs. altered, drawn vs. photographic, representational vs. abstract, and the beautiful vs. the grotesque. Her transformations dissolve, evolve and re-conceive the original hijacked images to become something known yet fully new.

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Edwina White's fictionalized portraits and whimsical vignettes are often injected with a gentle, wry humor. Her delicate drawings offer a nostalgic sensibility in a most contemporary way. Some works capture the glance and pose of a certain character or the stage of a story, while others capture more the possibilities of her and our imagination.

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