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KONI, A return to Westhampton Beach

Opening Reception: Aug 8th, 2015
Exhibition Dates: Aug 8th - Aug 19th, 2014

Dorian Grey Gallery is proud to present the internationally acclaimed master sculptor and painter, Nicolaus Koni. This exhibition will feature a wide range of mediums including oil on canvas, cast bronze sculpture, marble busts, etched lucite, and works on paper. Koni, a former Westhampton Beach resident, focused his work on the natural human figure and the deep philosophical meaning of life which makes his monumental work so distinct and remarkable.
Nicolaus Koni was born in Translyvania in 1911. He studied in Europe and came to America some years ago with an international reputation and established himself in New York. He won recognition for his superb technique, displaying an equal genius as a monumental sculptor, painter, portraitist, and a complete familiarity with bronze, granite, stone or marble. Koni’s work illustrates a continuing servative outlook and an appreciation of the contributions of modern thinking. His life like portraits catch the dramatic quality of his subjects while his ideal figures show complete understanding of the nature of materials and a somewhat romantic approach to the humanistic mythology of western civilization.


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