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NY International Auto Show & Live Art Event

April 4th, 1-3 PM, 2015

Ferrari Art Car on display & Live painting with renown New York Graffiti artist LA2 event Saturday April 4th, 1-3 pm.
NY International Auto Show, North Hall Link 5 - Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NY. Join Martino Auto Concepts & Dorian Grey Gallery in the North Hall, where we will feature Joe MAC LaPadula's cutting edge Art Car projects; the Lamborghini Murcielago customized with designs based on the art of Rashaad Newsome and the hand spray painted Ferrari F 430 by Bronx graffiti legend John CRASH Matos. Additionally, on Saturday April 4th, from 1-3 pm we are proud to host a live painting event where NY artist LA2 will customize the hood of a Corvette C7.
New York International Auto show runs from April 3-12th. Info & tickets:
About the Artist:
LA 2: Born & raised on the lower East side of New York, Angel Ortiz (Little Angel aka: LA II/ LA2/ LA ROC) was quick to learn the ways of the street artists and graffiti writers during the late 1970's. In his thirty plus years as an artist in New York City, LA II has painted walls, cans, vases, people, trains, and everything in between. Creating a unique signature style that combined both the "tag" and intricate abstract patterns, LA 2 was eventually befriended by rising art icon Keith Haring. Often referred to as "Keith Haring's Silent Partner" and "collaborator," he was fortunate to work with some of the leading pop art and graffiti artists from around the world. Currently, LA 2 continues to develop his style and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including a recent solo exhibition here at the Dorian Grey Gallery. LA 2 has paintings in hundreds of private collections and museums throughout the world, including the Whitney Museum of Art, NY & MoMA.
About Martino Auto Concepts
Martino Auto Concepts, the benchmark of the industry, has become synonymous with customized automotive excellence and unparalleled dedication to the artistry of this craft for over 30 years. Partners Joe LaPadula & Jon Holzer have long pursued the most creative automotive projects for a very discerning clientele and both the Lamborghini & the Ferrari F430 Art Car project represents the latest chapter in their automotive art. Joe MAC has generously donated his original Ferrari F430 and has enlisted the creative talents of CRASH to transform this vehicle into what arguably might be the fastest work of art in the world.
About Dorian Grey Gallery
Located in the heart of New York's East Village, the Dorian Grey Gallery is the source for the most authentic works of art connected to the history New York City. The gallery is a collaborative venture with veteran New York gallerists Christopher Pusey and Luis Accorsi. With a keen eye focused on street art/ graffiti and the New York emerging art scene, Dorian Grey Gallery continues to be the premier source for "authentic" NYC art. For additional information on the project or to purchase the vehicle send inquiries to:




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