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XAM: Migration - NY:
in conjunction with: The New Museum, Idea City Festival, May 4th
Gallery exhibition dates: May 2- 12th
Artist reception: May 4th 6-9pm

Urban Habitat Project is now on tour!
The Urban Habitat Project (UHP) is focused on creating dwellings for the aviary community and has successfully installed units in major metropolises from New York to Mexico City.
XAM comes to New York via Chicago and Los Angeles and has been part of the active street-art scene for many years. Drawing on his architectural training, XAM has created by far one of the most unique types of street art to truly integrate form and function. These structures are no ordinary "bird houses;" many of them are site-specific constructions that include solar panels for night lights and roof-top gardens to actively support plant life and encourage insect nesting. At times there are elements of humor in the designs, such as mock satellite dishes and camouflage paint jobs.
The UHP is multifaceted in its ability to provide sustainable and reusable living structures for the indigenous flying residents of all metropolitan communities. When possible, most of the units are constructed of recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. Additionally, most of the structures are site specific and installed on pre-determined "perches" that are out of reach but in plain sight. We will mark each installation site with a QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone for detailed information about the corresponding structure and the birds for which it is designed. This "treasure hunt" concludes at the Dorian Grey Gallery where an installation of other unique UH dwellings will be on display. Exhibition is proudly sponsored by ECOR, a leader in environmental friendly construction materials.

Brooklyn Street Art



Film Still

- credit Antonio Vega and Andrea Urbanati


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