Dorian Grey Gallery | Tel: 516 244 4126

Exhibition Dates: Sept 6th – October 7th,2012
Opening Reception Thurs, Sept 6th, 5-8:30PM

This exhibition showcases two east village legends, Scot Borofsky and Ken Hiratsuka, in their first show together in New York in over a decade. Scot Borofsky has been described as a Neo-Primitive taking forms from ancient Central American art and transporting it to the streets of New York. Working for over three decades, Borofsky's work has a meditative zen quality while still retaining movement and an uplifting psychological impact. Ken Hiratsuka's sculptures utilize a continuous line wandering across the surface of his stones. Hiratsuka also places himself in the context of an ancient continuum both human and geologic- his work appears like a spectral relic from an ancient civilization now gone. His work seeks to inspire people to become more conscious of nature and people's common humanity and represents serenity or an oasis in the hectic urban environment.

Works by Scot Borofsky

Works by Ken Hiratsuka


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Christopher Pusey 516 244 4126